(弗吉尼亚州里士满) - bt365正在开展科学学士课程酒店管理在2021年一月开始学位课程将通过业务(SLSB)的西德尼·刘易斯学校被提供100%在线。 

“We must prepare our students for professional careers in industries where demand is high,” said Dr. Hakim J. Lucas, President & CEO. “Virginia has a high demand for managers and entrepreneurs in the hotel industry. VUU’s programs offer students the academic courses and experiential learning opportunities so they are ready to accept leadership positions from the day they graduate.” 

“We are excited about the new Hospitality Management degree program that will serve a more global and diverse student population through state-of-art online learning,” said Dr. Terrell Strayhorn, Provost & Senior Vice President. “Building upon the strong reputation of our accredited business school, our students will be prepared to not only manage first-class hospitality operations but also birth their own entrepreneurial ventures. I acknowledge the involvement of the former Provost, Dr. Joy Goodrich, and SLSB Dean Robin Davis in developing this marketable program, which is just one in a suite of new programs that we will launch in our quest to ‘Best in Class’.” 





bt365是高等教育和学生的准备和领导人对未来世界发展的卓越中心的首要文科城市机构。它成立于1865年给新解放奴隶的教育和晋升的机会。bt365提供广泛的教育机会,提前文科教育,教学,科研,科学,技术,继续教育,公民参与,和国际经验。访问 //www.tesatool.com/  想要查询更多的信息。